The One & Only


An Introduction

I thoroughly enjoy Dylan's private adventures, as they offer opportunities to explore various desires and curiosities. I have a voracious appetite for sensual pleasures. If you read my diary, I'm sure you will agree.

I'm an entrepreneur by day. Canadian-born. When I’m not working or entertaining I'm usually engaged in various personal growth practices such as meditation and reading. Maintaining good health and wellbeing is very important to me as well. Some corresponding interests include biohacking, neuroscience, epigenetics, fitness and nutrition. I'm always learning new things that I can apply in my pursuit of achieving my full potential and creating a truly fulfilling life for myself. My efforts thus far have served me well; I presently feel happier, healthier and more at peace than ever before.

I'll let my past visitors tell you more about me and what you can expect during our time together:

Client Statements from Verified Reviews

"In any crowd, she would immediately stand out and take your breath away. She is the girl next door with her kind, uplifting personality if the girl next door happened to be a drop-dead gorgeous model. My wife's own words; she is absolutely stunning!!!"

“The combination of a gorgeous face, flawless body, great technique, and every indication of mutual enjoyment is pretty tough to beat!”

"Any newbies or couples like us, I can't stress this enough, she has this amazing aura about her that is indescribable. You can't get enough of her, and when your session is over you're literally going through withdrawals, it's that hard to say goodbye. She is so down to earth, warm and intoxicating, that you just wish you could grab a glass of wine, hang out and talk to get to know her better."

“Dylan doesn't show her face in her photos, so let's start there: she's gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. And her body is amazing: long legs, cute ass, beautiful, natural breasts. The total package, and really sweet, too.”

“Dylan is beautiful in both mind and body and I'm glad that I was able to share this experience with her. I will do it again in a heartbeat.”

“Of the sensual experiences I've had in my life, Dylan has given me by far the best.” 

“She is definitely one of the very few girls I would describe as being much prettier in person than her pictures in addition to being one of the prettiest I've seen.”

“Dylan has a quick wit and an easy-going demeanor which put me completely at ease.”

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