The One & Only
All I Want for Christmas…is You. (A Holiday Fantasy Story)

Summary: A sensual GFE experience with a holiday setting.

You knock on my door. I open it, wearing lacy lingerie and sky high stilettos. The room smells of warm, holiday scented candles. My warm, inviting aura puts you immediately at ease. We embrace, and share a kiss…before you disappear into the bathroom to shower. For what I’m about to do to you, I’ll need you to be squeaky clean.

My tongue wants to roam all over your body. I want to breathe warm breath and leave lingering kisses on your skin, while you stretch out and relax. You have worked so hard all year long, and now it’s time for you to take care of your needs. Or, rather…let me take care of your needs.

I start working on your muscles, and I feel the tension releasing as I apply pressure and massage just where you need it. It makes me feel good, to know I can satisfy you this way. I know you are used to taking care of everyone else around you, and now you have chosen me to take care of you, in this rare moment of self indulgence. I drag my fingers down your back, across your ass and down your legs…sending chills up and down your spine.

You are getting turned on, and you want to flip over and open your present. I can sense your eagerness, and I invite you to roll over onto your back, so you can enjoy the view while you feel me moving my lean, toned and well-oiled body up and down yours. I drag my tongue gently across your neck and up to your ear lobe, then down your chest and stomach. I’m getting excited now, to show you what a great gift you have chosen for yourself this holiday season.

I want to make you feel like a king. I want to impress and amaze you at the same time. So I take all of you into my warm, wet mouth, and start fucking my throat with your beautiful cock, slowly, deeply, again and again. I can hear your moans of pleasure and they’re making my pussy juices drip onto the bed. I run my fingers along your inner thighs and across your sack, then follow the same course with my tongue.

I want you to be inside of me, now. I can’t wait any longer. I can feel my wet pussy aching for you. I climb up onto you and slowly lower myself onto your lap. You let out a deep moan when you realize how tight I am. Your hands grab the sides of my ass so you can control the pace. You’re very excited and you want to make this last. This time you have with me, your holiday treat to yourself.

Opening your gift, over and over again feels so fucking incredible. I spread my thighs and push myself deep down on you so I can feel every inch. We are both so turned on, and I’m holding my breasts as you’re grabbing my ass and we’re writhing together in bed. I can feel the tip of your cock tickling my g spot and I know I’m going to unleash all over you, and soon. I start rocking my body back and forth, faster and faster as your hands roam all over me. I know your toes are curled from the pleasure we’re experiencing together.

My orgasm comes, and cums, and cums….and hearing my moans makes you so hot that you can’t hold back any longer, so you release and cum hard inside me. 

Happy Holidays! Your present awaits you.