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Cultivating Sexual Energy

Summary: Exploring the benefits of meditation for increased sexual energy.

Last week, I received the first request for my new session add-on; Guided Meditation and Breathwork to Increase Sexual Energetic Vibrations.

I was very excited to have this opportunity, especially with a client (and friend) with whom I already have such a great rapport.

For those of you who are not familiar with meditation as a practice, some of the main (science-backed, proven) benefits are as follows; reduces stress and anxiety, promotes emotional health, improves your sense of connectedness and ability to feel fully present, increases feelings of gratitude and joy.

I have been meditating daily for almost two months now and I have been enjoying all of those benefits, and many more.

Since having good sex is also a rewarding part of my life, I decided to introduce this option to my session repertoire.

During my first in-session meditation experience I was very pleased with how palpable the increase was in my sexual energy. I never come in short supply with that, but this session helped me be even more intentional with each gesture to please my partner. The mutual connectedness also created an elevated intensity in the overall encounter and heightened orgasms.

There are some visualizations during this guided meditation that require channeling energy and breath to the sacral chakra (which is in the groin area.) While I was actively doing that, I could feel a pulsing sensation moving through my entire lower region, and it was even more noticeable directly on my clit.

When we finished the 15-minute practice, I realized that my pussy was dripping wet. This was prior to any manual stimulation or sexual activity. I found that quite exciting and fascinating. What was even more interesting was that I felt a sense of control over how intense the pulses were based on how intentionally I was following the visualization directions offered in the guided meditation audio track. 

Once my partner and I were ready to engage, I asked him to roll over and I began my full body massage treatment. This was a perfect transitionary activity between spiritual practice and more carnal pleasures.

Afterward, we chatted about the experience, and he reiterated my sentiments. He also found it to be a very rewarding part of our encounter.

I look forward to the next opportunity to cultivate increased sexual energy prior to play.

XO Dylan