The One & Only
Date Night 2.0

Summary: A male Dom takes his mistress on a risqué date.

We’re at a cozy little Italian restaurant, Uptown. I’m wearing a tight black dress that hugs my curves, and my shiny waist-length hair is cascading down my back. My long legs are in stockings, attached to a garter belt, just as you requested. I’m playing footsie with you under the table with one of my stilettoed feet, while I look at you suggestively. We usually meet in private but tonight you had something else in mind. Our recent explorations into role-play has you thinking boldly and testing my limits in many ways. You know I like to keep a low profile as Dylan, so you let me pick a discretely located restaurant for our public rendezvous, but that’s all that I get to control for tonight.

We’ve just finished a delicious dinner. I’m taking a sip of a decadent, full-bodied red when you pass me a small gift bag. “Excuse yourself to the bathroom and go put these on,” you say, in an assertive tone that gives me goosebumps. “Yes, Sir” I reply, as I stand to do what I’m told.

In the restaurant’s bathroom, I open the bag and pull out a pair of black lacy panties. I haven’t worn any under my dress tonight, in hopes of some under the table fondling. But I do as instructed and put them on. As I bend down, I notice there's a vibrator attached to the inside of them. I hesitate for a moment, then remember my role, and pull them up. They fit perfectly. He knows my body well, I think to myself, as I exit the bathroom and head back to our table.

When I return, I see a small remote in your hand. My big blue eyes widen as I realize you’re holding the activation button for the lacy erotic torture device that I’ve just strapped onto my body. A devilish grin crosses your handsome face. I relax, just slightly. I’ve never used a vibrator in a public setting before, I’m hoping I’ll make it through this encounter without drawing unwanted attention to myself.  

You’re thumbing the remote and looking at me intently. 

“Alright Master, you’ve got my full attention.” I smile at you. 

“Just how I like it.” You say. “Now, tell me….how does it feel?” 

“How does wha-“ and before I complete my question I receive the answer. An intense wave of vibrations starts sending ripples of pleasure from my pussy all the way down my thighs.

My glossy lips start to fall open but I quickly shut my mouth and recompose myself. 

You’re enjoying watching me struggle to keep a straight face, smirking at me as I glance around the room to see how many witnesses there will be if I lose control of my body.

I’ve had a lot of orgasms in my life and not one of them has been silent so far. In fact, I tend to fall into the “very vocal” category, when climaxing.

I can feel my cheeks getting as warm as my slit.

You lean towards me. “Excuse yourself to the bathroom again. Position yourself how I like you to and wait for me. Do not lock the bathroom door. Do not cum without my permission.” 

I'm relieved that he's not going to force me to cum in front of the entire restaurant.

I nod in understanding, stand and head back to the small, single-use bathroom at the back of the restaurant. 

Once inside, I position myself facing the wall with my arms up over my head, legs spread…fit for a proper frisking. 

I’m dripping wet between my legs and trying to think of unsexy thoughts so I don’t climax before you allow it.


A minute passes. 


Another minute passes. 


My fear of a stranger walking in and finding me there is starting to overwhelm the pleasurable feelings I’m getting from my new panties.

The door handle turns, and I feel relief flow through me as I see your handsome face and tall, strong physique enter the washroom.

Without saying a word, you grab my hips and hike my skirt up and pull my panties down my thighs, to expose my ass. Slap, on one cheek. Slap, on the other. 

“I don’t see any cum in those panties, good girl.” 

I turn my head to coyly smile at you. “I enjoy pleasing you.” 

“Master” you slap my ass hard again in punishment.

“Master,” I say.

I can feel my juices dripping down from my slit as you unbuckle your pants.

My legs are trembling in anticipation of receiving my reward. 

You use one hand to hold my hands above my head in place, as a make-shift restraint. The other comes to my throat, to pull me back towards you.

“Ohhhhhh” I moan, as you take control of my body.

The tip of your cock pushes its way past my slippery lips and up inside my warm, tight pussy. 

“Ohhhhhh fuckkkkkkk” escapes my mouth as a shock of pleasure pulses through my entire body. 

“Not yet,” you whisper in my ear. 

Your slow, deep penetrations are taking me to the edge. I love the feeling of you stretching me open and filling me up with cock. 

Over and over again you push yourself up inside me, while I stand with my leg spread against the wall. 

I can’t take it anymore. I’ve been waiting all night to release and drench your cock with my sweet juices. 

My legs start to shake and you feel that I’m on the verge. I’ve been a good girl tonight and you want to show me how good girls get treated.

“Now,” you whisper in my ear. and immediately I cum all over your beautiful dick.