The One & Only
For Her Pleasure

Summary: Tease and denial / MFF 3-way play.

I pull my fingers out of Amber’s slippery wet pussy and bring them to her mouth so she can taste herself. As she's sucking her cum off of them, I pause to admire her. With her dark brunette hair, sparkling green eyes and tanned skin, she's captivatingly beautiful. I’ve been fucking her for over an hour, and our chemistry is so electric that I’ve occasionally forgotten that you’re in the room, watching us.

You arrived at the hotel tonight in your suit and tie, straight from the office. You’d been making tough decisions all day and you said you wanted to relinquish all control during our time together.

Now I look over at you stripped completely naked on a chair next to the bed, your arms tied with silk ropes behind you. Your wide eyes are hungry and your cock is rock hard.

I shimmy off the bed and approach you. I’m 6’1” in my stilettos and I tower over you in your seated position. I bend over and gently lick your ear, exhaling warm breath that sends tingles all over your body. “Is this what you had in mind?” I whisper. 

“Yes, Mistress Dylan” you reply in a calm tone, although I can tell that you’re anything but.

“Good,” I reply, with a playful grin. 

“Amber, should I make him my sex toy? I could use some good dick.” 

Amber giggles. “Hmmm, I suppose you could, but then again, I brought my strap-on” 

“Ah, yes!” I reply as I jump back onto the bed, positioning myself on all fours with my backside towards you so you have a clear view of the tight little ass that you love fucking so much. Amber is strapping on 8 inches while I wiggle it back and forth to taunt you. She grabs my hips to adjust them so you can watch her enter me, then spits onto my tight little rosebud, before pushing her way inside.

“Ohhhh god, that’s so fucking good babe” I moan. 

Amber knows her way around my ass, and she starts slowly so I can relax and allow her to fill me to capacity.

“Fill me up all the way, yes babe, fuck!” 

She grips my ass cheeks and spreads them, then slowly pulls all 8 inches out of me so I’m left gaping open. She looks over at you as she licks the perimeter of my pink asshole, which is wet with her saliva and my juices. 

Your deep breaths become moans. I look over and see your brow is furrowed and I can tell you’re trying not to cum. 

“No,” I say, sternly. “You will cum when I say you can cum and not sooner.”

“Yes, Mistress Dylan” you murmur, as you squirm in your chair.


“YES, Mistress Dylan!”

“Good, slave.” 

“I get to make Dylan cum first!” Amber says with glee, as she pushes her cock back into my ass. 

My most powerful orgasms come when I’m being fucked in the rear while rubbing my clit, so I use my fingers and the juices that are gushing out of my tight little pussy and start moving them in a fast circular motion. It’s only a minute or so before I’m on the brink of erupting.

“Deeper babe! Stretch me open!” 

The sensation is so incredible, and moments later I’m soaking my hand in warm cum. 

Once I've caught my breath, I look over and see pre-cum glistening on the tip of your dick. 

I decide it's time to give you some attention, now that Amber has satisfied my needs.

I hop off the bed and position myself on my knees, between yours. I run the tip of my tongue around your sack and slowly up the length of your shaft, pausing at the tip to collect the beads of pre-cum that have accumulated there. I wrap my lips around your head and I can feel your cock pulsing in my mouth. I'm getting riled up again as I tease and suck you off. I slowly force your cock all the way down until its pushing against the back of my throat. Your breaths are sharp and shallow now and I know it’s taking every bit of restraint that you can muster to stop yourself from shooting a rope of hot cum down into my belly. 

Amber is using her fingertips to tickle your balls while my lips are wrapped around the base of your engorged cock and I'm flexing my throat muscles to squeeze it tightly.

I pull back and look at Amber, signaling her to take a turn on you. She laps up my saliva from around the base of your cock before swallowing you whole. 

“I’m going to untie you now, but your hands are only to be used for my pleasure, when and where I say.” 

I tug the end of the rope and it falls to the ground. Your hands are still in position as if they were held there.

“Good, slave,” I say as I stand and face you next to your chair. “You may finger my pussy now.” 

“Yes, Mistress Dylan”

Two of your fingers find their way to my warm, wet slit and you slowly push past my flower petal lips and up inside. I clench around your fingers to remind you of how I squeeze and hug your cock when you’re fucking me. 

With Ambers lips wrapped around your dick and your hand inside me, you’ve reached the edge of your restraint, and there's a look of pleasured torture on your face.

I grab your wrist and pull your fingers out of me before putting them into my mouth to suck my sweetness from them.

I’m enjoying this tease and denial game, but my pussy is aching for cock and I want yours to be inside of me immediately. 

“You’ve been a good little submissive tonight. I think you deserve a reward. Amber, do you think I should allow him to fuck me?” 

“Yes, I’d like to watch that!” she replies, enthusiastically. 

I swing one of my long legs over your lap so I’m straddling you, face to face. There’s a level of intensity in your eyes that I haven’t seen before.

“Grab my ass cheeks, slave.” 

Your hands are gripping me firmly from behind as I grab your throbbing cock and guide it to my ass. I insert just the tip and squeeze. “Beg for it,” I instruct.

“Please, Mistress Dylan, will you fuck me?” 

“Did you hear him, Amber? …I don’t think she heard you. Louder.” 

“PLEASE, Mistress Dylan, will you fuck me?”

“Only because you asked nicely,” I reply, with a playful smirk. 

I lower myself onto your lap and your hands squeeze tighter on my ass cheeks as the wave of pleasure that you’ve been waiting for all evening finally arrives. I raise myself up and back down again slowly, so I can feel every inch of your rock hard cock stretching my ass open and pushing deep up inside of me. I’m rubbing my clit while it’s pulsing with pleasure, and I feel another powerful orgasm on its way. The look in your eyes is turning desperate, and I’m more than ready to receive the big load of warm jizz that you’ve been saving up for me tonight.

“Fill me with cum, slave.” 

I’ve barely finished the order and you’re pushing my ass down harder into your lap while unleashing rope after rope of cum deep inside my ass.

“Amber babe, come clean us up with your tongue.”