The One & Only
Good Head (Pt 1 & 2)

Summary: A face fuck fantasy

I’m on my knees between your spread legs, gently kissing your inner thighs and exhaling my warm breath on your skin.

I take my time, teasing you, and your cock is aching in anticipation more and more with each passing moment.

I drag my soft pink tongue across your sack and gently suck one nut, then the other, into my warm, wet mouth.

A long moan escapes your lips.



I pull back and look up at you with a coy smile. I love hearing those sounds.

They let me know I’m pleasuring you just the way you like.

I keep my eyes on yours as I rise up to meet your now throbbing shaft.

It bounces in want of my touch.

The tip of my tongue glides slowly, deliberately from base to head several times;

tease, tease, tease


Your beautiful boner is now glistening with my saliva.

I wrap my lips around it and suck gently while swirling and flicking my tongue in my mouth.

My throat is aching for deep penetration and I’m so fully turned on knowing that you’re watching my every move.

I spit on the the tip and watch the beads drip down every inch of your fucking-perfect manhood.

My hand strokes you a few times in a gentle twisting motion,

up and down,

before I take you into my mouth and swallow you whole.


As my warm lips meet the base of your cock you let out another long moan. 

Your hand reaches out to grab the back of my neck and hold me in place.

I gag several times, which you can feel, and you love it. 

I love it too.


I feel my pussy juices falling from my slit onto the bed.





This face fuck could take me to climax, without even touching myself there.

You release your hand so I can catch my breath for a moment ( are a gentleman, after all.)

I use both of my hands this time to stroke you as your eyes scan hungrily from my beautiful face to my bouncing breasts and back again.

Maybe you're deciding which part of me you want to blow your load on when I take you over the edge.*

*I took a pause at this point to get myself off and after orgasm I lost my writing mojo temporarily - so I decided to make this a 2 pt story.

Part 2:

I take as deep an inhale as my lungs can bear before forcing your cock down my throat again,

and again,

and again.

My eyes are tearing up but I don’t stop. I always push myself to the limit when giving head, like a bad girl should.

I need to keep the moans that escape your lips each time the tip of your cock pushes past my tonsils and deep inside me.

My pussy is on fire - throbbing and pulsing from pleasure that is traveling all throughout my body.

I pull back for a moment to look up at you and see that your head is thrown back, jaw dropped... and I just know your toes are curled too.

I spit again on the tip of your dick and start working you with my hand and mouth at the same time.

Just the right grip.

Just the right pace.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh Dylan, yes, keep going, I’m gonna cum!"

"Mmmmmmm yes, fuck, give it to me, I want to taste you!"

Right as you’re about to pop, I take you all the way inside and wrap my lips around the base of your cock once more.

I can feel beads of warm jizz pulsing out of you as you shiver and shake in esctasy. 

I savor the moment, as your sweet icing fills my throat.

I slowly pull my head back to meet your eyes, as I smile, 

and swallow.

Mmmmm, now that’s an afternoon delight. ;)

XO Dylan