The One & Only
Happy Birthday to Me

Summary: A gang bang fantasy.

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Part 1:

Its early morning on a warm summer day and we are cruising on the highway on route to Boston. The window is down, and the breeze is refreshing on my face. I glance over at you, my boyfriend of 4 years. 

“I can’t believe you have to go on a work trip on my birthday weekend.” I groan. 

“I know babe, but I really had no choice,” you reply with a furrowed brow. 

You’ve been working non-stop lately, and it’s taken a toll on us. Intimacy is waning, and my usually intense sex drive has been suppressed. 

“I know. It’s just going to be a bit boring for me while you’re working all day, but at least we get to spend the evening together.” I say with a sigh.

“Right, and I want you to pick something fun for us to do. Anything you want,” you reply encouragingly.

“Okay,” I say with a half-smile. “I’ll dream something up.”

Tell him what you want. 

He can’t handle it, don’t bother….you don’t want to start a fight the day before your birthday. 

I turn the music volume up to drown out my thoughts, then continue gazing out the window. 

Now is the perfect time to ask. He had to take a business trip on your birthday, which he knows is an important day for you. And he said we can do anything I want. 

My thoughts won’t quiet, and now there’s a tingling sensation under my dress between my bare legs. 

My mind wanders as I recall the porno I got myself off to the night before. A group of men on one woman whose intense moans of pleasure I can still feel in my bones. I’ve been watching these videos for a while, in secret…unsure of how you’d respond, and not wanting to be asked if this is something I’m into. It’s been my own sexual discovery, just for me, but I’ve reached a point where I know I need to experience this for myself.

I glance over at you. Your eyes are on the road, navigating our journey to Boston and utterly unaware of my shift in energy. I’m feeling aroused and decide to have a bit of fun with myself. I reach under my dress and slip two fingers into my slit to gather the wetness, and then I begin rubbing my clit slowly in circles. Waves of pleasure roll through my body, and I let my mind wander again to my ultimate fantasy. I picture myself straddling one man getting plugged in my pussy, while another man enters my ass from behind. A third man is slapping my face with his dick and intermittently stuffing it into my open mouth in-between moans of electrifying pleasure. I’m lost in a moment of imaginary bliss when a real moan escapes my lips. 

“Dylan, what the fuck!” You say with a startled laugh. “You’re masturbating in the car!?” 

“Fuck yeah! Who said long car rides have to be boring? I should get a pat on the back for entertaining myself so well.” I say, playfully.

“Talk dirty to me babe, help get me off.“

“It’s kinda hard to focus on you while I’m driving on the highway,” you say in exasperation, “What kind of dirty talk?!” 

“Ohhhh, I don’t know, tell me I’ve been a bad little slut and you’re going to punish me!” I offer, still rubbing my slippery clit.

“Slut!? How can you call yourself that and also a feminist?!”

“We’re reclaiming the word!” I reply with a wink. “You must not have gotten the memo.” 

I smile at you. Just ask him, Dylan! What the worst that can happen. You can always play it off as fantasy masturbatory banter if he freaks out.

“I want to get gang banged.” I blurt out, immediately feeling my blood rushing to my cheeks. I stop rubbing myself and freeze while I wait for your response. Each second of silence feels endless.

A few beats later you start laughing. “Oh yeah, I’m sure you do, bad little slut.” Your expression tells me clearly that you think I’m joking.

“I’m serious babe. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now.” 

“What! Why?” Your furrowed brow is back. 

“Well, you know I love sucking cock, and getting fucked in my pussy and ass….each feels so fucking amazing, I just feel like having all of those sensations at once would be heavenly!” I shrug, trying to maintain composure although I’m uncomfortable with the conversation. 

“I don’t know how I feel about sharing my girlfriend….” you trail off. I glance down and see you’re getting hard in your pants, and jump at the chance to stimulate you as a means of persuasion. 

I reach over and begin stroking your cock in your pants with one hand, as I resume my self-stimulation with the other.

“Oh come on babe, I think you might enjoy seeing my pretty little mouth, pussy and asshole fucked at once,” I say in a sultry tone. I can feel your dick getting harder under my tickles and rubs, but that’s your only response to my statement.

“Dylan, I’m trying to concentrate on the road here…can you stop?” 

I pull my hand away. “You’re no fun,” I say as I shift my body towards my passenger window. 

“We can reconvene in our fancy hotel room after dinner” you offer, trying to soften the blow. “What are you in the mood to have for dinner tonight?”

“I could eat anything,” I say with a shrug. “I’m easy.” 

Actually, I couldn’t care less about what our dinner plans are, as I sit and feel my pussy dripping between my bare legs. My body is still electrified from my fantasy thoughts and accompanying masturbation, and since you won’t indulge me, casually sulking in silence for a while seems appealing.

A full Lana Del Rey album later and we have arrived at our hotel. We check into our room at The Liberty Marriott, and almost immediately you change into your suit and grab your briefcase to head out for a full day of meetings. “I will see you tonight, birthday girl,” you say, planting a kiss on my cheek as you embrace me. 

“I look forward to it, babe,” I reply, as you walk out the door.


Part 2:

We’re polishing off our second bottle of wine after dinner at The Palm. I’m wearing a curve-hugging amethyst colored dress, which makes my blue eyes pop. I reach across the table to touch your hand as we connect eyes. “Thank you for tonight babe. I love you.” I say, feeling intoxicated from wine, love and birthday vibes. “Happy birthday beautiful” you reply warmly. 

“Let’s go back to our room and continue the celebrations, shall we?” I suggest, playfully.

“Absolutely” you reply, as you wave the waiter for our bill.

A short cab ride back, and we’ve reached our hotel. As soon as I’m inside our room, I begin peeling off my body-hugging dress. Once I’m fully nude, I jump into our king-sized bed and wait for you to join me. 

My vibrator toy has been tucked under my pillow from use earlier today, and I retrieve it and turn it on. You hear the buzzing and come out of the bathroom.

“Starting without me, are we?” you say with a smile, as you climb into bed with me.

“My birthday gift to myself!” I reply, also smiling.

I’m not much in the mood for prolonged foreplay tonight, so I hop up and position myself between your knees so I can suck you hard, before having my way with you. I’m dragging my tongue up and down your shaft, across your balls, and along your inner thighs and it doesn’t take long to get you rock hard. I love the feeling of an engorged cock in my throat, so I pump up and down a few times to activate my salivation, making the length of your dick slippery wet. Beads of moisture are dribbling out of the corners of my mouth, and my eyes start watering as I repeatedly force you deep into my throat. I use one hand to reach down and press the tip of my vibrator toy on my clit, so I’ll be dripping wet when you enter me. As vibrating waves of pleasure travel through my body, I feel emboldened, and I pull your cock out of my mouth while looking up at you and say “Babe, I want to try something new tonight.” 

“Oh yeah,” you say in your deep, sexy voice. “What would that be?” 

I hop over your leg and sprawl on my back on the bed, vibrator still in hand. “I want you to DP me with my toy.” 

You climb up on top of me and say “What my baby wants, my baby gets.” as you take your cock in your hand and start jerking off with long, slow strokes. You know I love watching you do that, and you smile as you see my eyes widen with excitement. “Talk dirty to me babe, I’m feeling like a little slut tonight.” 

“Okay little birthday slut, which of your fuck-holes do you want me to pound?” 

Without responding, I begin inserting my 8” vibrator into my pussy, therefor signaling you to enter my ass.

“Ohhhhh fuck, that feels so good” I moan, as my body begins to tremble from pleasure. I spread my legs as wide as I can, to give you access to my other fuck-hole. 

Your cock is still covered in my saliva, but you bend down and spit onto my asshole, for effect. As you push the tip of your throbbing, 7” cock into my tight ass, I can barely contain myself. The sensation is incredible and intense, and I can feel my eyes rolling back as I relax and take all of your cock, and the full length of my toy. 

“Ohhhhhh fuuuuuckkkkk” I moan, as you pound me hard. “Stretch me open babe, I love it, fuck yes, give it to me!” 

I can feel an orgasm on the way, one more powerful than anything I’ve experienced before. I connect eyes with you as it emerges, and it’s clear that you’re incredibly turned on by what’s unfolding. I grab you by the back of the neck to kiss you before I unleash cum all over my toy and the bed. You’re so turned on by my orgasm that you cum too, deep inside my ass. I can feel your cock pulsing as it unloads rope after rope of warm jizz inside me. 

Afterward, we lay on our sides facing each other in bed. “Thank you, babe, that was a dream come true. I’ve never been so turned on in my life.” I say, as I lean over and give you a soft kiss on your lips.

“Agreed,” you reply, with a fire still burning in your eyes. “That was really fucking hot.”

“I’m getting sleepy,” I say, as I feel my eyelids getting heavy. Our early morning, long car ride, several glasses of wine earlier and intense sex have all caught up with me at once, and moments later I’m drifting off into a happy slumber. 


Part 3:

I awake to you nudging my shoulder gently. “What’s going on?” I ask, still drowsy. I open my eyes to a dimly lit room. I look over at you and see that you’re stroking yourself. You look wide awake. “Have you slept, babe? What time is it?” 

“Look,” you say, your eyes pointing across the room. 

I’m still disoriented and unsure of what’s going on. 

“Look at what babe?” I say softly, rubbing my eyes.

“LOOK,” you say more definitively, as you nudge your chin in the direction you’re looking. 

I look across our hotel suite and see three naked men, with their cocks standing at attention. 

Instantly I’m fully awake. “What the! Babe!” 

“Happy Birthday,” you say, still stroking yourself. “A few of my old college buddies came to help you celebrate.”

A big smile crosses my face, as I look back at you. 

“Now be a good little slut and enjoy your birthday gift.” 

I jump off the bed and practically skip across the room, before dropping to my knees. I’m still naked, and ready to greet my new suitors properly. 

I don’t care about pleasantries or even knowing their names; I just want all of their dicks on me and in me at once. 

As the men move in to form a semi-circle around my face, I feel entirely exhilarated. I begin ferociously sucking one cock while jerking each of the others. 

I pull back and look up, connecting eyes with each of them before saying “I need you all to have your way with me. Make me your little fuck-toy for tonight.”

I return my attention to the three cocks in my face, taking turns sucking the balls, licking the taint and swallowing each long thick shaft over and over again. I’m barely giving myself time to breath in-between pumps, and I’m gasping for air as I throat-fuck myself hard. 

One of the men takes his cock in his hand and begins slapping the side of my face with it. I take the two others and try to force them into my wide open mouth at once. I let my tongue roam around the tip of both, enjoying the guttural moans of pleasure from each man. I get off on hearing those sounds, so hearing multiple men pleasured by me at once is enough to get my slit soaking wet. It’s not long before I can feel my juices dripping down my inner thighs. 

I am so caught up in the moment that I forget about our spectator, my loving boyfriend. I pause to glance back at you on the bed, and I can see your eyes are wild with passion and your strokes have become more vigorous. You’re obviously enjoying yourself, which gets me even hotter. 

“Babe, do you want to watch them ravage me?” I ask, in my best slutty voice. 

“What….my baby….wants….my baby….gets.” you struggle to speak between hard strokes. 

I stand up and connect eyes once-more with my lovers. “Take me, any way you want.” 

One of the men picks up my naked body and carries me to our king-sized bed. He throws me down on the bed before climbing in after me. “Get on top of me, bitch,” he says. I do as I’m told and straddle him, just a couple of feet away from you, my love. 

As I lower myself onto suitor #1’s cock, feeling my slippery pussy lips spreading to welcome his long shaft, I look over at you again, for approval. I still can’t believe this is happening, and part of me is nervous about the consequences of getting what I want. Your expression puts me at ease immediately, as I can see on your face that you’re as turned on as I am. 

I lower my body all the way down so I’m sitting on suitor 1’s dick, then I start rocking my body forwards and back, riding him hard. I feel a pair of strong hands grasp my hips from behind, as suitor #2 climbs onto the bed behind us. He grabs the back of my neck and pushes my body down, so I’m face to face with the man who’s inside my throbbing pussy. Then he grips both sides of my ass and pulls them apart, exposing my tight little rosebud. He’s not gentle when he enters, and I find myself grateful to my boyfriend for the anal earlier that prepared me for an aggressive ass-fuck now. As he forces the full length of his cock deep into my ass, I feel something like an electric shock through my head and toes. “Oh, my fucking goddddddd!!!” I scream as suitor 2 pummels my back end. The sensation is different than earlier tonight’s DP experience, and it feels undeniably better to have the real thing in both holes, warm and pulsing against my insides. 

I feel a hand on my neck again, as my head is pulled towards the side of the bed. It’s suitor #3, and he’s eagerly awaiting another face-fuck. I open wide and let him push the tip of his dick around the inside of my cheeks, across my tongue, and past my tonsils, rubbing himself against the back of my throat. My saliva glands are in overdrive and beads of moisture are pouring out of my mouth and down my neck. Suitor 3 pulls his dick out and starts rubbing the wetness across my entire face, making a mess of me. I know I look like the girls in the porno videos that I frequently watch, and I’m delighted. Moan after moan escapes my mouth, as three strange men take what they want from my body. The sounds of these men pleasuring themselves with my fuck-holes is sending me to another dimension. I’ve never felt so alive and so satisfied. 

“I’m going to take my turn now, bud” I hear you say behind me. I pull suitor 3’s cock from my throat and turn around. 

“Come sit on my lap, slut,” you say, motioning to your dick. 

Suitor 2 pulls his cock out of my ass slowly, leaving me gaping open and trembling. I hop off Suitor 1 and onto you, immediately bending over to give you a warm, wet kiss. I whisper in your ear “I don’t know how to thank you, babe, this is so incredible” to which you reply “I just want to see your eyes roll back in your head like earlier, hottest fucking face I’ve seen you make.” 

I smile at you, before turning back to suitor 3. “My ass is ready for another pounding.” I say, wiggling my ass in the air, before pushing your dick into my eager pussy. Suitor 3 climbs onto the bed behind me and begins teasing the sensitive opening of my asshole with the tip of his wet cock. I’m tingling all over, in anticipation of the restored feeling of being completely filled up with cock. He pushes just the tip in and out a few times, before burying the length of himself inside me. The teasing sensation followed by the powerful thrust, and having your cock pushed up against my g-spot in my cunt is enough to take me to the brink of an orgasm even more powerful than the one I had earlier tonight. I can feel my eyes rolling back again as I relax and succumb to the feeling. “It’s—comm—in—ng, ba-be, I….ohhhhh fuckkkkkkkk….I’m cummmmingggg!!” I release a flood of juices all over your lap, as Suitor 3 continues pumping away at my ass. 

I am seeing stars. I take a moment to catch my breath. This is so intense. So fucking good. I’m ready for the next chapter in this fantasy; I want to have my face covered in warm cum from all of my men.

I look down at you with a coy smile. “Babe, can I be a cum-covered slut now?”

Upon hearing my request, suitor 3 pulls out of my ass and stands up, and along with suitors 1 and 2, who have been stroking themselves while watching the show, they all make their way back to the spot we were introduced, earlier tonight. 

You reply by standing up and joining them, forming a circle of cocks, being jerked off around me. I take turns again on each cock, lapping up my juices from them, gently suctioning my mouth and lips around the tips of them, as if trying to suck the cum out. 

Suitor 2 says to you, “You should do the honors bud; she’s your girl.”

I turn towards you to receive your seeds on my messy, eager slut-face. 

I look up at you and lick my lips, showing you how excited I am to taste you. 

A couple of strokes later and you groan and spray your load across my cheek and into my open mouth. It tastes warm and sweet as I swallow it. 

Suitor 2 turns my head towards him as he’s grunting and trying to wait until he has a clear shot at my pretty face before he unleashes himself. He moans very loudly as he covers my other cheek with warm jizz. 

The sight of me, getting doused in sperm makes Suitor 3 lose control, and he shoots several ropes of cum across my forehead. It drips down into my eyes, making it hard to see. With only one suitor left, I can deduce that it's him who shoots straight onto my tongue, filling my mouth up. I close my lips and swallow him too, before pushing the cum out of my eyelashes so I can see again. 

“Best. Birthday. Ever!” I say, with a big grin.

You chuckle, and reply “I’m a little scared to hear what you want for your birthday next year!”

The End.