The One & Only
New Discoveries

Summary: Exploratory session details

Recently I had a session that provided two exciting new discoveries. 

The first is: I can squirt! I had no idea, but in an intimate moment of passion with a new friend (during my 3 hr unleashed session) I did exactly that; I unleashed all over his hand.

During the same rendezvous, I was introduced to a toy that I cannot believe I've gone so long without; a butt plug. It's the most incredible (tingly!) sensation and the fact that I had one inserted during the fingering that led to squirting is likely no coincidence. The simultaneous sensations were almost overwhelmingly pleasurable. So much so that I just had to buy myself one a few days later. (See the attached photo!)

Now I want to enjoy my new toy as often as possible. I have been fantasizing about* inserting it in the afternoon before an unleashed session, so I can have a long, slow build-up to a powerful orgasm with my suitor during our date. There is something so erotic about being the only one aware of its presence inside my tight little ass, as I'm moving through my day in the world. If anyone sees me out and about with a knowing smirk on my face after reading this; there's your answer.

I'm going to strip-down and curl up in bed soon to continue working on my new long-form story to share with you all soon. It's about a hot young cock-tease losing a power struggle with a dominant man. It's one of my kinkiest stories yet. I've been taking my time with it. (I've already gotten myself off 3 times while writing it, by the way.) ;) 

In the meantime, I hope you've enjoyed the update about my ongoing sexual exploration and discovery.

Until next time,

XO Dylan

 *Update, May 16th: I did it!