The One & Only
The Biggest O

Summary: Exploratory session details

I recently had the most powerful orgasm I’ve ever experienced. It was a mutual effort between myself (using a toy) and my suitor’s beautiful cock. 

While I was on my back, legs spread wide open, I inserted a silicone vibrator toy (which is my new favorite!) into my pussy and asked him to penetrate my ass for some DP action.

My eyes almost rolled back in my head the moment he began pushing himself inside. The vibrator alone was sending waves of pleasure all through my body, but adding the ever-pleasurable sensation of the tip of a cock pushing past the ultra-sensitive rim of my ass is arousing to the nth degree.

Then he began pumping at a perfect pace. I love it when I can feel every inch sliding in and out, and especially when a cock is pulled all the way out just slightly, then slowly pushed back inside. It’s electrifying! I’m usually very vocal during these moments because, well, I can’t help myself from expressing how incredible it feels!

After only a few minutes, everything started to get fuzzy. The last moments before the big O rocked me to my core; I asked my date to put his hand on my neck while he continued to pump my ass slowly. He immediately obliged, and the moment I felt his hand clamp down on my throat, I used my toy to fuck my dripping wet cunt, and that was it. I climaxed so fucking hard I saw stars and my entire body was trembling with pleasure. Wave after wave after wave of bliss, as my cum dripped down and around the base of my date’s throbbing cock. Before I was finished, he was climaxing too and releasing ropes of hot sperm, deep inside my ass. 

I'm writing about it this morning because I dreamt about it last night and woke up very turned on. Good thing I have my favorite new toy handy, to bring me some sweet relief! ;)

XO Dylan