The One & Only
The Masseuse

Summary: A man's wife books him a massage for his birthday. Fiction. 

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Ding Dong

I’m standing at the doorstep of your family home. My massage table is folded and propped up next to me. It wasn’t easy to transport it from my SoHo apartment to your place in CT, but something tells me I won’t regret it. There’s a scent of adventure in the air on this hot Summer day.

Beads of sweat are forming between my breasts and thighs, and I’m eager for someone to invite me in. I hope there’s AC inside.

I hear a muffled exchange from within, then footsteps thumping down a set of stairs towards me.

The door opens.

“Hi! I’m Dylan - here to do a Thai Bodywork massage for a Mr. Richards!” I say with a friendly smile.

You look bewildered.

I’m amused.

I know your wife told you a masseuse was coming for you today - she communicated as much when she booked me.

I guess she just didn’t tell you that your masseuse would be a total babe.

I continue to smile at you politely while you get your bearings.

“Uhhhh, yeah, Hi Dylan - come on in.”

“Thanks! It’s a hot one today!”

“You can set up in the living room area,” You point down the hall.

“Great! Come find me in 10 minutes.”

“Will do.”

I hear more footsteps coming down the stairs. It’s your wife.

“Dylan - Hello! Thanks for making the trek out here in the heat. Much appreciated.” she smiles warmly.

“Of course! When you said it was for his birthday, I couldn’t say no.” I return the pleasantry. “I’m off to set up now - see you!”


I’m standing next to my assembled table when you walk into the living room a little while later.

Your bewildered expression is gone—replaced with a slightly furrowed brow, and, is that irritation? I can’t read you well. Not yet, anyway.

I make small talk to break the ice.

“Long work week?”


“Any big plans for your birthday weekend?!”

“Just going to relax mostly. The kids are at their grandparents.”

“Well, that’s what I’m here for!” I reply with a gleaming smile as I motion for you to lay down. I turn around to avert my eyes so you can disrobe first.

“Great, thanks.”

Once you’ve settled in place, I turn back to you and begin warming oil in my hands.

“My wife mentioned you’re fresh out of school?”

“Yeah! It was such a great experience. I learned so much about the human body. Energy meridians, pressure points for stress relief, and so much more. Really fascinating stuff.”

“Stress relief, that sounds great.” You sigh.

I decide to zip my lips and focus all my energy on helping you relax and unwind.

There’s nothing I love more than offering someone what they need physically, mentally, and spiritually - all at once - with these hands of mine.

I’m kneading your neck and shoulders, and I can feel you softening. The tension is melting away. You’re letting your guard down and relaxing into my gentle touch.

I take my time caring for every inch of your back, arms, buttocks.

Now and then, I hear a gentle moan escape your lips, and I smile to myself. What a gift it is to have a healing touch.

I love to make a hard-working man feel good. I know you spend so much time taking care of others’ needs and not nearly enough tending to your own.

I’m working on your feet, then your calves, and your thighs now. You’re like putty in my hands. Not even a hint of a memory of tension exists in your body.

“Would you please flip over?” I say gently.

You turn over and settle on your back.

You glance at me briefly. I catch your eyes for a moment before they dart up to the ceiling, then close again a few moments later.

I wonder if it’s a bit strange for you to be massaged by a beautiful stranger while your wife is in the next room. I find it erotic. I hope he does, too.

Again I knead your neck and shoulders, this time looking down at your face. You’re much more handsome without a furrowed brow. Quite handsome indeed.

Once I’ve massaged every inch of your upper body, I remove the towel that’s covering your lower half. Your eyes shoot open quickly, aimed at the ceiling again. I’m moving my soft, well-oiled hands around your hips and down your thighs. I pause between your legs and feel the heat emanating from them. I look up to see you looking down at me, mouth open in shock.

“Just relax, Mr. Richards,” I say softly, “You’re in good hands.”

You slowly lower your head back onto the table, but your eyes look anything but relaxed. As I look back to your lap, I can see why. You’re starting to grow.

Ah yes, that’s definitely the scent of adventure in the air. I chuckle quietly to myself.

I slowly graze my slippery fingers across your shaft as it continues to harden. Your eyes dart back and forth wildly with a mix of panic and excitement.

I lean over you, so my breasts press down onto your chest and shoulder as I whisper in your ear, “Not what you expected, huh?” I feel you tremble from the warmth of my breath on your skin. “The best ones never are” I pull back and wink at you with a coy smile.

“B-b-but, I don’t understand! I thought you were a proper masseuse!” you sputter.

“I am!” I feign offense, “Certified official! But I have other skills too, which you’ll soon enjoy.”

You’re rock hard in my hand now. Your mind’s resistance, your practicality, your confusion, and concern about what your wife will think; none of it matters. Your body wants what I’m offering you, and you cannot deny it. Your cock is aching with need in my hand.

I’m stroking you up and down, again and again, and you begin to lose yourself in the moment. Pleasure flows from your toes to the top of your head and back again with every new caress.

“This can’t be happening……”

“…..There must be some mistake,” you gasp, between moans.

“Ha!” I smirk, “You thought your wife found me in the White Pages, huh?”

I bend down again to whisper, “More like the Back Pages.”

“Ohhhh fuck” you moan loudly this time.

You still don’t fully understand what the heck is going on—but at least your wife is on board.

You don’t have to hide your attraction to me. The attraction that had your brow furrowed earlier when you thought I was going to rub you down then leave you, with blue balls.

I pull my top off over my head so you can admire my fantastic braless tits while I touch you. I grab your arm and place your hand on my body, permitting you to roam as you please.

You gently squeeze my perky breasts several times, then graze your hand down my taut stomach to the button of my shorts. You pause and look at me for approval. I nod and grin at you.

Once my shorts have fallen to the floor, you tense up for a moment.

“Are you sure this is okay?” you ask nervously. “My wife signed off on this?”

“Ha ha, yes, darling, she did! I’m your birthday gift!” I say playfully, hand on hip.

“Besides, she’ll be joining us shortly.”




I giggle. This is too fun.

“Ohhhhhh fuck……yesssssss” You clutch the sides of my table, and your toes curl.

Just then, your wife walks into the room in a gorgeous black bustier top and lace thong. She saunters over to the table and into your field of vision.

“Happy Birthday, my love” She leans down to kiss you, and I hop up on the table between your legs. While she’s kissing your lips, face, neck…. I’m kissing your thighs, sack, shaft, licking softly, slowly, just as she is.

She whispers to you, “I’ve been fantasizing about this moment for years.”

Beads of pre-cum pulse from the tip of your cock and down the sides, and I catch them with my tongue as your wife watches.

I beckon her with my finger, “come to me,” and she does. I put my hand gently around the back of her neck and pull her in to kiss me. Our tongues dance as we pass your seeds back and forth between our slippery lips.

“Let’s take this upstairs to our bedroom, shall we?” She says. Without awaiting a reply, she puts out a hand to help me off the table, then guides me out of the room. You hop off the table and follow right behind us.

Once in your master bedroom, I invite you to watch me undress your wife.

I slowly release each clasp of her bustier, one by one, while we continue to make out with each other eagerly. She’s a beautiful woman, and I’m fully aroused by her.

I look over to see that you are, too, stroking yourself now with that wild look of confusion and excitement again. It’s the first time you’ve seen her in this light, so wild and free-spirited.

We both get down on hands and knees and crawl toward you until our faces reach your lap. She massages your balls while I take you in my mouth and swallow you whole. My gagging noises make her squeal with delight. She reaches behind me and runs her fingers along my slippery slit before pushing them deep inside—waves of pleasure flow through my entire body.

I jump up and onto the bed, encouraging both of you to join me.

“Do you want to watch your husband fuck me?” I smile seductively.

“Not before I do.” She replies, matching my seductive tone, then crawling between my legs. You sit next to us, watching us flirt with each other, feeling ready to explode but knowing it’s much too soon. You first need to bury your aching cock inside both of our sweet little pussies.

Your wife and I are going at it hot and heavy, her tits pressed against mine while we make out. Her fingers are pumping in and out of my cunt as my juices flow down my crack and into a puddle under my ass. I reach over and grab your now rock-hard dick. I can feel it pulsing in my palm as you try not to go over the edge.

Mrs. Richards rolls over to my other side on the bed, making room for you between my long legs, which are trembling in anticipation.

As you push your cock deep inside me, I throw my head back and gasp for air. Your wife is rubbing circles on my clit as you fill me up, again and again - and I am approaching ecstasy. My thighs tremble harder and I clench tightly around your engorged member as you take me there. I close my eyes and ride the wave beyond time and space.

It’s so good

It’s so good

It’s so fucking good


When I open them again, I see your wife is smiling over at me. “My turn!”

She spreads her legs and looks at you with hungry eyes.

You bury your cock inside her as I fondle her breasts, licking and sucking her erect nipples.

Her sex sounds are getting me all worked up again. Watching a beautiful woman get pounded by hard cock, live in the flesh….is there a bigger turn-on? No.

It’s as if she can read my mind and knows I’m ready for her again.

“Sit on my face,” she says. And I do.

I straddle her, facing you, so you can watch my expressions change as your wife licks and sucks my pussy while you’re fucking her—so you can watch two pairs of tits bounce with your every thrusting motion.

“Your wife….” I pant, “….she knows her way…..around….a woman’s….body.”

“Yeah - who knew!” you reply, in shock and awe.

Oh fuck, I’m gonna…. I’m gonna cum again, now! Mrs. Richardson sucks on my clit and flicks it with her tongue as I release my warm juices all over her face.

“Oh fuckkkk Dylan! I’m gonna cum too!” she moans from between my thighs.

And just like that, you are ready to pop too. You pump a few more times vigorously as your wife continues to climax, then you fill her with cum.

You collapse on her left side, breathing heavily, as I climb down and lay on her right. My hand roams one last time down her beautiful shape, pausing between her legs to feel your warm icing dripping out of her. I coat my fingertips with your seeds, then bring them to her lips—one last delicious exchange between our slippery lips before we say goodbye.

As I’m collecting my things to depart, I hear you say, “I still can’t believe you were up for this,” to your wife, to which she replies, “Why not? - Dylan is just my type!”

“Your type?! You have a type?” You exclaim.

“We’ll discuss more later,” Mrs. Richards replies with a wink.

The End.