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These are a selection of favorites from many positive reviews that can be found about me on The Erotic Review.

Please note: these reviews were written before I expanded my offerings. You can find a list of currently available experiences here.

Model Material/Went The Extra Mile/Relaxed/Sensual
The appointment with Dylan was easy to set up. She was prompt in her communications and gave detailed directions on how to get to her incall location. Dylan is a consummate provider of the services she advertises. This was one of the best FBSM sessions I've ever had. I was greeted at the door by a vision of beauty with a gorgeous smile. After washing my hands and taking care of the donation, I undressed as we engaged in some introductory banter. Dylan has a quick wit and an easy going demeanor which put me completely at ease. She undressed before me and I was not disappointed. I was eager to begin and got onto the massage table. She started off with a nice massage of my back and shoulders. From there, things started heating up quickly. She started stroking me from behind as she slid her tight, well oiled body all over mine. I was enjoying every sensation, getting all fired up with her closeness, feeling her full breasts and warm breath all over me, enjoying her light nibbles and soft moans ... I could have stayed there forever. It got even better after the flip. I was treated to a spectacular view of this beauty working over junior and the boys. I was running my hands all over her breasts, ass and back as she rubbed her body up and down mine. Simply magical. Eventually, we picked up the pace. I could not hold back any longer and erupted all over her body. She continued rubbing my still pulsating cock all over her breasts as I lay in satiated stupor. She asked me to lay back as she got some hot towels to clean me up. We had some time left over so she snuggled up next to me and kneaded my shoulders for a bit. As our time came to an end, I got dressed and left with a smile. Overall, a very sensual and erotic encounter with a sweetheart! Dylan is pretty, easy going and enjoys what she does. Exactly as advertised. Treat her well.
Once In A Lifetime/Went The Extra Mile/Amazing/Sensual
As someone who is also new to the scene, I was always advised to never see anyone without reviews. Although I was not able to find any reviews for Dylan after I saw her ads, I still decided to take the plunge. Long story short, I definitely don't regret it and will see her again soon. She responded to my emails in a prompt and professional manner (she was especially accommodating when I told her I was going to be a little bit late) and everything from the initial communications to the final meeting went smoothly. Of the sensual experiences I've had in my life, Dylan has given me by far the best. When we met, things were initially a bit awkward (for me) since I wasn't really sure what to expect. Dylan was able to quickly put me at ease however, and once I finally laid down on the table we were talking and joking like old friends. She started with one of the best massages I've had (pretty much on par with a certified therapist) and I was pleasantly surprised when she started to massage me with her body. Throughout the first few minutes of this we were having some pleasant conversation (it was easy for me to get along with Dylan and relate to her), but gradually as things started heating up I started to lose grasp of my thoughts and conversation ceased. A combination of massaging my body with hers, the light teasing, ear nibbling, breathing down my neck, and moans, drove me wild and the experience started becoming not only sensual but phantasmagorical. I almost forgot that there was to be a flip as I felt like I could go on like this forever. When the flip occurred, I was definitely not disappointed, and found it harder and harder to control myself as she massaged me with her body from the front. As we were exploring each other with our hands I became so lost in the moment that I didn't even realize that I had finished. Dylan then went to get hot towels to clean me off and after some more light conversation I was on my way. Dylan is beautiful in both mind and body and I'm glad that I was able to share this experience with her. I will do it again in a heartbeat.
Model Material/Went The Extra Mile/Sensual/Hot
I saw Dylan's Ad on TER and her web site, and had a good feeling. I reached out to her, and communication was promising as well, so despite her not having any reviews yet, I decided to meet her. Great decision. Wow. She is beautiful and intelligent and oh so sexy once you are on the table. Details below, but within the parameters of what she is comfortable with, she is top notch. Dylan is new to New York and makes a great addition to the scene; I highly recommend you see her. Communication with Dylan in advance of the session was very pleasant. While we did not talk much during the session proper, our chats before and after only reinforced what a cool lady Dylan is, but the magic was the session itself. I got face down on the table and Dylan had me spread my legs so she could kneel between them on the table. Dylan is a mistress of light sensual touch, but also mixed in a reasonable amount of firm technique during the course of the massage. She used generous amounts of oil, and while I had not seen her get undressed, it quickly became clear that she was not wearing anything as she used her whole body to rub my back and legs. She alternated between hands, breasts and whole body slide as well as moving her focus around my whole body. She even nibbled on my ears a couple of times, which I adore. A good amount of time was spent grazing my backside, balls and stroking my shaft from between my legs. The overall effect was superlative, and having this gorgeous lady rubbing me and herself on me (with some equally arousing heavy breathing and moans) had me extremely excited by the time we got to the flip. Actually looking at her as she repeated the process while I was on my back made it much harder to control myself. With Dylan on top of me and grinding against my erection, and my hands sliding along her oiled breasts, back and ass, I had a draining climax. Dylan instructed me to lay still while she got hot towels and cleaned me off. Her website does indicate that she likes both men and women, and she confirmed that she has a friend with whom she can do a 4 hands session (and that "really bi" was definitely the correct description). My understanding is that the menu is what it is, so I would not go expecting more. However, if the rules work for you, Dylan provides one of the sexiest versions of this type of body rub that I have had the pleasure to enjoy. My recommendation is that you see for yourself; not sure how you can go wrong in her hands.
Model Material/Went The Extra Mile/Excellent x2
I have to begin by saying this was one of the best experiences I've ever had with a provider. At first there were some issues with scheduling a meeting location because she is new to the city but she was very responsive to both email and text so that was arranged after some hassle. She is definitely one of the very few girls I would describe as being much prettier in person than her pictures in addition to being one of the prettiest I've seen. Literally just seeing her made me super excited- and on top of that she is very accommodating and immediately put me to ease. I think, not to exaggerate, I would have to describe the feeling of being with her as heavenly, especially during our session! She arranged for us to meet in a massage place that was clean and discreet. I started naked face down, and she started the massage with her hands and then her whole body. It was slow and sensual, and really felt somewhat spiritual. One unique thing I'll remember is just how incredibly soft her hands and entire body felt when she ran them over me. Really incredible. Her actual massage is quite decent too. I couldn't wait for her to turn me over- and when she did it absolutely amazing; everything I described above but intensified. The shape and feel of her breasts are really too good to be true. Went on for a very satisfying amount of time, and when our session was near the end she asked to finish me off- and it was one of the most intense finishes I've ever had. After, she cleaned me up with a hot towel, and I on my way out I couldn't help but think about when I would try to see her again.
Model material/Went the extra mile/Friendly, eager to please/Sensual, relaxed
Dylan is relatively new on the NYC scene, and she's a welcome addition. Booking with her is easy, she is very responsive and considerate. She's beautiful, smart, kind, and most importantly, provides a very sensual experience. For those who appreciate FBSM, and are not looking for any 'extras' Dylan is a top choice. I've met Dylan twice before, and the sessions were both quite similar. She greets me fully dressed, looking like a stylish young woman you'd meet at a trendy bar. She invites me to shower, and when I emerge, she's stripped down to a towel. She keeps things light at first, so we banter a bit back and forth as she invites me to lay down on a mattress on the floor. She starts with a more traditional massage focused mostly on my back and shoulders. She uses ample, warm oil. After a while, her towel falls away and she starts sliding her lovely body against my back. She has a fantastic body, in particular her breasts (real!) and they felt great running up and down my body. As the pace picks up, I feel her grinding her warm pussy against my leg and butt, and her breathing quickens, which just adds to the overall sexuality of the moment. Her hands reach under me and find my hard cock, which she teases with great talent. When I flip over, the fun continues. Dylan provides a true body slide experience, and feeling her grind against my now throbbing cock gets me going pretty quickly, but she knows how to slow it down just a bit to prolong the pleasure. While a slide my hands all over her body, paying extra attention to her amazing tits, she continues to rhythmically move her body up and down, picking up the pace again, until I finally do explode. Amazing. While I lay back, totally satisfied, Dylan gets a warm towel and helps me clean up. Another quick shower, some friendly chit chat, and I'm on my way out, a happy man. For those looking for a fun, friendly girl who gives great FBSM, I highly recommend Dylan.
Model material/Hot time/Perky and professional/Sensuous
There is girl next door-pretty, there's model-pretty, and there's pretty-fucking-hot-pretty. Dylan Reid checks off all these boxes and all the "pretty" in between. Ms. Reid's face is sculpted yet soft & pure. She radiates with the most literal of summer sun kisses. Her eyes are liquid but not wantonly lustful. At first. And that body! Long, and runway-lean, curvy and sleek as a classic convertible (or the saucy pin-up next to the convertible). Leggy and perfectly tanned, with skin as delicate as silk, Dylan Reid is the female form as architecture. She stretches across a massage table and it turns into a billboard for desire. She stands over you, with strong, sensuous hands ready to knead and cradle and caress, and your manhood counts down to Throb O'clock, a rocket destined for a copiously Milky Way. Dylan Reid is fairly new to the New York scene but she arrives primed and pumping for full FBSM stardom. I'm late to the party with this review: I scheduled my first session within days of seeing her introduction on TER and I've already enjoyed an even hotter repeat. Dylan Reid is the real deal and, for now, even more of a steal. For non-VIP's: indulge in her rare, indie, North American-born touch-and-tremble, tension-busting skills. For VIP's: want ripe? Reid on. Invest your time and tribute with confidence. Spoiler alert! Immensely happy endings ahead…. The current pics on Dylan Reid's website are "selfies." Ms. Reid is apologetic about the quality of her images, but she needn't be. The pictures are raw, immediate and work far better in fueling fantasies than anything shot in soft-focus. Legs for days. Generous, natural bosom. Fantastic ass! The vetting process was thorough, involving but not overly invasive, and sweet, almost sisterly. By the time I was formally verified, I felt obligated to bring Ms. Reid a corsage lol. I was super-excited to be her date for a very private prom. I arrived at her Midtown incall one afternoon. Her choice of dress was demure and elegant, off her smooth, fair shoulders but down to her ankles. For a brief moment, I thought I arrived at the apartment of an attractive civilian neighbor across the hall. But then Ms. Reid spoke my name, softly but deeply, and invited me in. She hugged me while slipping her supple thigh between my knees. We both had found the right spot! We chatted for a bit. Rather, she chatted. I just stared and nodded. Ms. Reid is striking. She is a true dirty blonde--and definitely no angel. I excused myself to take advantage of the shower she offered. Where Dylan Reid was taking me, I wouldn't need clothes. Ms. Reid has many, many delights in her FBSM garden, even within the boundaries of non-GFE/FS sensual massage. I had a gift for Ms. Reid: sexy, sheer thigh-high stockings. She slipped them on with deliberate delay. Ms. Reid's legs are as long as an Icelandic day. I dropped to my knees. I wrote my name with my fingers from her slender left ankle to high on her left thigh, repeated the motions on the right. There is no penetration, of course, but she carefully allowed the friction of my raging hard-on against the sweet spot of where fabric & flesh met on her legs. Somehow I did not explode from my cock in motion against her, my eyes staring into hers. I adorned her with a few dots of anxious pre-cum. She leveled my erection and directed it, and the rest of me, to her massage table. Ms. Reid instructed me to lay face down, get calm, and relax. I thanked her for the mild fetish play, vanilla as fetishes go, but she turned it up to "11." And then the massage proper! Ms. Reid is in total command by now. She nails the nuance and pressure of the therapeutic play with the precision of a pianist. I have yet to flip and I almost forget that is the main attraction. Oh but what a "Coming Attractions" to "endure!" Ms. Reid lifts my hips ever so slightly. She oils up my inner thighs. She does --something-- and rotates my balls, which are churning up a fresh batch, visibly so. Ms. Reid makes a tight "O" with one hand. It feels like a hot mouth! She grips my cock at the base and whips her hand up just shy of the head. I'm so ready for the flip now, but Ms. Reid is not. She pushes me down flat on the table. I don't know when her stockings and panties came off, but she is gloriously nude when she climbs on the table with me. My thighs are flanked with hers. She felt wet and sticky, and not with sweat. She moves up and her perfect "C" cup breasts are on my neck. She shimmies down and they roll across my back. She moves as if she wants every molecule of her flesh to bang every molecule of mine. Her thighs are now pressed against the outside of my hips. Her shaven kitty is sweet, smooth and hot. By now, my boner is digging a tunnel into the fresh sheet covering the table. I lightly buck up and bounce Ms. Reid off the saddle of my back. She's riding me reverse-reverse cowgirl style! I look over my shoulder and see her face in full blush, blissed out. Ms. Reid is an intensely sexual (bi-sexual, FYI) woman, even if she's the only person in the room. The flip finally happens when she gets off, ahem, and rolls me over. She strokes my temple. She nibbles my ears. Her hands are...I don't even know at this point, they seem to be everywhere at once. She does not kiss me on the lips, but she does take each of my nipples into her mouth, and sucks slowly. She brings her all-American naturals to my face and I gently return the favor. Her delicious left breast is removed from my tongue and she kisses a path down my belly. My balls are now in one of her hands. She aggressively kung fu-grips the base of my cock and her single stroke up the shaft feels like nine quick milkings. Ms. Reid's left hand joins the party. For a full minute, I am fucking --hard! -- two vigorous, fantastic fists. I am so close to cumpletion! Ms. Reid lets go of my one-eyed beast with a mischievous grin, and even prevents my own hands from finishing the job. Ms. Reid climbs back onto the table and grinds her pussy onto my thighs. My cock is framed by her honeyed triangle. She goes up and over and now I can feel my cock against her luscious skin. She arranges herself until my boner is between the pillows of her tits. It feels amazing, better (well, almost) than actual penetration anywhere else. She slides down, I thrust up. We work well together, a perfect pas de deux of a Russian ballet. My orgasm is now building beyond teasing, edging, Tantra. Ms. Reid's super-power is the ability to read your mind through your penis. She takes my cock in one hand, milks my balls with the other. She smiles and maintains eye contact for 3...2....1.... 50 minutes of build-up ends, happily, with a fireworks show, launched up over our heads! One of the most powerful orgasms I have ever had. Ms. Reid was proud of her handiwork: the money shot was a moon-shot, an unbroken rope of well-earned jizz. Ms. Reid would sweetly use a hot towel (two, actually) to erase that constellation of cum from my lower body. And she still made time to cuddle with me on the table. Dylan Reid is a long cool woman in a state of undress and wonderfully creative. If you seek nothing else, she offers: Table. Flesh. Pleasure. Sometimes going minimalist delivers to the absolute max. Aah.
Model material/Went the extra mile/genuine and warm/relaxing, sexy
I saw Dylan's ad on eros, and it was hard to tell much about her from her pictures. But her reviews seemed positive so I decided to get in touch with her. Screening was straightforward and she got back to me quickly and making the appointment was easy. She e-mailed me when she got in the car to get to my hotel and the anticipation started to build. Then she knocked on my door... I opened the door to be greeted by a stunning young woman-- gorgeous face and the kind of body seen more often in dreams than in real life. She seemed somewhat reserved at first, which made her seem a little business-like, but I came to decide that Dylan is actually a little shy-- at least when meeting a stranger in a hotel room. The shyness does not extend to her massage, however, and for non-VIPS, let me just say it is a mind-blowing experience. Life is short. Treat yourself to a body-to-body massage from Dylan and you will never regret it. After Dylan came in, we had a little polite conversation. She is fairly new to New York and was happy that spring had finally arrived. As we talked I reassessed my assumption of business-like to a little shy but very genuine. She excused herself to the bathroom, I undressed and she began to undress as well. She has a wonderful body. Pretty much flawless, with particularly lovely natural breasts. She began to massage me as I lay on my stomach, and it started somewhat similar to a 'real massage'-- which actually worked fine for me as it helped with the anticipation. I knew it was a gorgeous naked girl giving me the massage, but for a couple of minute I was only feeling her hands, kneading my back, shoulders, legs. Then she climbed on top of me, and it became clear this was not a 'standard' massage. She began to rub that amazing body against me, leaned in to nibble on my ear with a sexy, breathy moan, and then reached between my legs to caress my balls and cock. Soon enough she asked me to turn over, and with my eyes adjusted to the dimness I could see the glory that is Dylan, naked rising over me. I asked if it was ok to touch her, and she responded 'of course, but thank you for asking'. At the risk of giving advice that future clients don't want or need, Dylan is a girl who responds very well to courtesy and politeness even if it may feel a little silly to be so formal given the situation. I then began to let my hands roam up and down her wonderful body as she began to caress my cock in earnest. This soon turned into her rubbing her crotch against my cock, all the while making extremely convincing noises of enjoyment on her part. I could feel some other evidence of apparent enjoyment on her part, which was an incredible turn-on. Now I can't be utterly sure that she was not merely simulating her enjoyment, but frankly, at a certain quality of performance on her part, I'm not sure it really matters. She certainly managed to convince me she was enjoying herself, and that only increased my pleasure that much more. I'm not going to claim that any experience is impossible to top, but the combination of a gorgeous face, flawless body, great technique and every indication of mutual enjoyment is pretty tough to beat!
Drop Dead Gorgeous/Flawless from Head to Toe
Drop dead gorgeous flawless from head to toe. She really takes care of herself and is in outstanding shape. Big beautiful blue eyes will have you hypnotized. It has been a fantasy for a long time to watch my wife receive a erotic massage . Endless searches on various websites for a few years I was intrigued by Dylan Reid's ad and took the big plunge and contacting her . After a short screening process we had sent her a date that would work for us Dylan being the awesome accommodating woman she is actually rearrange her very busy schedule to accommodate us. Completely nervous not knowing what to expect seeing it was our first time ever doing anything like this we drove to meet her totally on edge. Another quick phone call once in the city she lead us to her private studio her outgoing personality on the phone put my wife at ease . First impressions as she opened the door Wow !!! Tall, radiant, absolutely mind blowing with big beautiful blue eyes and a contagious smile. Within a matter of minutes I can't explain how she did it but it felt like we were old friends joking and laughing all hesitations immediately subsided . Any newbies or couples like us I can't stress this enough she has this amazing aura about her that is indescribable you can't get enough of her and when your session is over your literally going threw withdrawals, its that hard to say goodbye . She is so down to earth warm and intoxicating that you literally just wish you could grab a glass of wine hang out and talk to get to know her better . In any crowd she would immediately stand out and take your breath away she is the girl next door with her kind uplifting personally if the girl next door happened to be a drop dead gorgeous model . My wife's own words she is absolutely stunning !!! She disrobed in front us and her body was all natural and incredible she asked my wife to do the same then led her to the bed and made her comfortable . She started off by applying oil to her body and massaging her back . She kept whispering in my wife's ear while gently kissing her neck I could tell there was a real chemistry between them and every fantasy my wife and I shared was about to come true but I'll leave it to her to describe in detail. Everything mentioned by my husband above, I feel the same. She's a beautiful, sensual woman that put me at ease right away. I honestly didn't know what to expect but she asked me my limits (which I wasn't sure of myself), had me lay stomach down naked on the bed and sat her bare body on top of mine as she started massaging my back. She has nice strong hands, and alternated firm touch with gentle tickles that gave me tingles all over. Her bare breasts, stomach and legs rubbing against my body. She started to tease me a little, using her tongue on my neck and ears. She continued with her hands and body for a little while before her hands moved from my lower back to my butt and all the way around to my lips from behind. This went on several times, each time rubbing my lips more and more intensely Needless to say, I was completely turned on as was my husband watching us. She then asked if I was comfortable flipping over so I did. She asked if she could kiss me...we were extremely compatible kissing...she has really soft lips and a soft passionate kiss. She let me enjoy her breasts as well with my mouth and hands...her body silky smooth. She enjoyed my breasts and back then continued on the rest of my body with her mouth, going down on me with her fingers and tongue her oral skills are amazing and she really focused on my g-spot . I got to experience it multiple times during our session and I still get wet thinking about it . My husband was enjoying the show, but Dylan suggested he and I make love while she continued to please me. I've never been really intimate with a stranger and for me to be that comfortable with someone I just met speaks volumes. She made me feel beautiful, sexy, was soft and sensual and very good at what she does. Moments after we left we talked about the next time we would be able to see her. I highly recommend Dylan for a woman, a man or a couple like us that have been together for a decade and while we didn't think a spark was needed, it certainly did ignite something extra in a great way. Dylan Reid is definitely time well spent. Don't hesitate and spoil yourself! You won't be disappointed!
Once in a lifetime/Went the Extra Mile/Friendly and Sexy/Sensual
Dylan doesn't show her face in her photos, so let's start there: she's gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. And her body is amazing: long legs, cute ass, beautiful, natural breasts. The total package, and really sweet, too. I can't remember where she's from, but wherever it is, they grow them nice out there. Very responsive on email. We had had some scheduling issues but I think they were because she didn't have a regular space. Now she does, so I expect those issues are a thing of the past. Non-VIPs - Dylan rocks. Dylan opened the door wearing a little black dress. By the time I came out of the shower, the dress was off and she was waiting on the bed. What a sight. I hopped on and she started. She began with a pretty firm massage, lots of elbows - I don't know if she's an actual CMT, but it felt pretty therapeutic. Soon the hard pressure was replaced with softer, more teasing touches, and she had me moaning as she played with my ass and reached under to play with the rest of me. And then she stopped using her hands and pressed her whole body against mine. All I can is, wow. The feel of her thighs and her breasts, with her lips nibbling on my ears - fabulous. I could've stayed there forever. Actually, I couldn't - I flipped before she asked. I wanted to see as well as feel. She continued with me face up. This time, it was my dick sliding between those breasts. Awesome. But all good things must come to an end - in this case, explosively so. She cleaned me up, I jumped in the shower, and we chatted while I got dressed. Please be very nice to her so she stays in NY for a long, long time!